Beginning:  Ron Billington, an experienced bridge player, will teach new players and those with little experience

     how to bid and play their hand. The class will run for two hours for those who want to learn to play in a fun and

     relaxed learning atmosphere.

Continuing:  Dr. Lew Johnson, retired medical school professor and researcher with a passion for bridge, discusses 

     bidding and playing the bridge hand. This class is designed for experienced players.

Creative Writing Workshop

Using a casual format, class members write in prose and verse about their life experiences, and also try writing fiction

Beginners are warmly welcomed by class members and workshop leader, Dr. Lisle Mitchell, Professor of Geography

Emeritus, USC.


This term the art class will be working in the medium of watercolor. Students will be encouraged to work in a series to

gain experience in technique and subject matter. They will also be asked to keep a drawing/watercolor journal. Dee

Hansen and Pam Spurrier will instruct on techniques and materials. The first week Pam will present a special project

using marbling. Materials will be supplied.

Protecting Your Assets During Retirement and Beyond

Adam Landy and Joe Walker, of the McNair Law Firm, will inform and educate attendees on protecting their assets. 

Topics include: estate planning rules for executing valid wills; importance of executing financial, durable and health

care powers of attorney and living wills; common types of elder financial exploitation; identity theft; medical identity theft;

preparing for financial disasters, and investing and saving for retirees (two sessions will be with a certified financial planner).

Bell Ensemble

Our former chimes class is now a bell ensemble playing chimes and brass bells. Secular and inspirational music will be 

played at a level and speed determined by the players. Group playing preserves brain and heart function, helps with

physical balance and eye-hand coordination. Taught by experienced music teacher Joan Marco.

​​Poetry Workshop

Carolee Brandt, retired English teacher, is back to lead this collegial and creative session. Enjoy what other poets

have written and try your hand at writing poetry. You will be encouraged, engaged, and entertained.

​​​Famous Biographies

Come hear exciting stories about people you thought you knew who seldom got the recognition they deserved but

whose accomplishments in many cases have shaped the course of history. Frances Broom will help us explore the lives

of Daniel Turnham (architect, 1893 Chicago World's Fair), Frances Perkins (Secretary of Labor), Noah Webster

(dictionary), and many more.

Shepherd's Center Fall 2015 Session

  Every Tuesday September 15 to November 10


   Inclement Weather Policy:  The Center will be closed whenever

   Lexington/Richland District 5 is closed, delayed, or makes any

   change to their normal schedule due to inclement weather.​


Getting the Most From Your Computer

Staff from the Irmo Branch Library on St. Andrews Road will present a number of topics including the internet, online

safety, e-mail, Google searching, and social media. Assistant Branch Librarian Matthew Smith, Reference Librarian Mary

Gwyn, and Circulation Coordinator Sydney Conley will bring laptops for hands-on work. Class is limited to 8. Sign up

during registration or call the office (731-9394) to see if space is still available. Note: This is a repeat of the popular

Spring Session class and therefore open only to those who did not take that class.

Discovering Your Spiritual Self

Sister Christina Murphy, SNDdeN, Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of the Hills Roman Catholic Church, returns

to the Shepherd's Center to lead group participation in dealing with our spiritual side. Topics include: examining

prayer styles, the art of comforting, and discovering our spiritual gifts.

Beginning Ballroom Dancing

Patricia Hill, a dance teacher for a number of years, and currently a teacher at Seven Oaks Park, will offer a class

for beginners who would like to learn to dance or improve their skills. Participants will choose two dances they

would like to learn. No experience is required, and you may bring a partner or find one at the class. Sign up at registration

is requested.

Readers' Circle

Carole Burke will coordinate this class, which examines various books and authors to inspire us to continue our search for

knowledge and understanding. She will explore fiction and nonfiction books with folks who like to read and talk.

Our World's Exotic Places

Alan Shoemaker and Brooks Metts will take us on travels to fascinating places on our planet. We will explore Ultimate

Africa, Imperial China, Namibia and the Skeleton Coast, Pure New Zealand, journeying up the Rhine and the Danube,

viewing capitals of the Baltics and St. Petersburg. The class will also watch fossil collecting in the White River Badlands

of eastern Wyoming, explore the Safari Serengeti, the Dalmatian Coast and Greece, and relax with the sights and

sounds of Ireland. Come travel with us throughout the world.


Join award-winning quilter Catherine Ebling and her happy quilters for a creative outlet that will give you pleasure and 

produce beautiful items for your home or your friends. This congenial group welcomes newcomers as well as experienced 


Line Dancing

Linda Mixon will help you master dance steps while enjoying your favorite music in great company.

Beginners are especially welcome to join in. Note: This is the only class that starts at 8:30 a.m.

Taoist Tai Chi

This gentle exercise improves posture, balance, flexibility, and memory. It also helps prevent falls. Teachers Dr. Bob 

and Cathy Brookshire are certified instructors of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the United States.

The Holocaust

Dr. Tandy McConnell, Professor of History at Columbia College, will explore the origins and evolution of anti-Semitism,

the emergence of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler, and the planning and implementation of the "Final Solution." ​Also to be

considered are the Jewish resistance to the Final Solution, the roles played by non-Jews who sought to rescue, hide,

or simply speak up for their Jewish neighbors, Allied policies toward Nazi Germany as evidence of genocide mounted,

the post-war settlement of displaced Jews (and other victims), and post-war attempts to restore justice.

Ukulele I - Good Beginnings

Deb McMurphy, an accomplished ukulele teacher and player, will help members learn to play the ukulele and to

accompany singing. On the first day, the instructor will help participants select an instrument to buy for use in the

class. This class is filled and there is a waiting list.

Cuba: Then and Now

Dr. David Hill, Professor of Spanish Emeritus, USC, will give us an overview of Cuban history, geography, and its

peoples. He will provide a special focus on the current political environment. With the recent opening of diplomatic and

business relations, Dr. Hill will provide insight into Cuban history, the Cubans, and opportunities for the future in U.S.-

Cuban relations.

Fundamentalism in World Religions

From American Protestant fundamentalism to the Islamic State, Dr. Carl Evans, Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus, 

USC, will explore several so-called fundamentalist movements in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

We will examine why each movement emerged and consider its basic claims and major goals. In most cases these

strident, and sometimes militant nationalist, movements are innovative responses to conditions in the modern world, so we

will look especially at how each movement departs from the tradition it claims to recover d/or represent.

Classes are planned by the Adventures in Learning Committee,

chaired by Bruce Bondo.

The Most Significant Supreme Court Decisions That Have Affected America

Dr. Paul W. Pratt, Jr., USC School of Law and the James P. Mozinga III Legal Research Chair, will lead a discussion of the

most important decisions of the Supreme Court, with special attention to each case in its own time and context.  Cases

to be discussed are: Marbury v. Madison (1803), Martin v. Hunter's Lessee (1816), Scott v. Sanford (1857), Slaughter-

House Cases (1873), Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), Lochner v. New York (1905), United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export

Corp. (1936), United States v. Carolene Products (1938), Brown v. Board of Education (1954), and Baker v. Carr (1962).

Great Movies and Great Stars

Who doesn't want to know the inside 'scoop' on great movies and legendary actors and actresses? Retired teacher and

film buff Marcia Hendrix loves to show and tell the details about what you see and what you don't see. 

Continuing Spanish

Dr. David Hill, Professor of Spanish Emeritus, USC, guides us in conversation practice, cultural readings and

grammar review. Some prior study of Spanish is expected. Students will need to purchase a textbook.​