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The Remarkable Twentieth Century

Frances Broom, retired banker and life-long history buff, will lead us on a decade by decade exploration of the events of the Twentieth Century--our century!  We will look at politics, inventions, discoveries, arts, sports, and much more.  Most of all we will meet many of the people who played prominent roles in these events.

Cutting the Cord: Learning to Control your TV and Computer

Finally show those TV companies who's the boss! Computer guru Mike Ward returns to demonstrate how you can start using products such as Roku, Apple TV, and even Google to stream your favorite programs without the major costs. You will leave this course knowing what to buy, how to install it, and how to use it!

Continuing Spanish

Dr. David P. Hill, Professor of Spanish Emeritus, USC, guides us in conversation practice, cultural readings, and grammar review. Some prior study of Spanish is expected. Class is limited to 12 devices.

China: The Journey Continues 
We will continue our epic voyage around this land of contrasts exploring more of China’s past marvels, such as the Summer palace and the Ming tombs. Our guide is U.K. transplant Edwina Winter, who worked and traveled in China for most of twelve years. We will meet more of the people who shaped the amazing history of this enigmatic place, such as Dowager Empress Cixi, and continue to see how China’s past influences its present. There will be excursions into regional culture and cuisine, objects of beauty, art and language, and a look at some of the challenges the country faces today.

Exploring the World: Armchair Travel 
Longing to travel again? Let some of our members and a guest presenter show you photos and talk about their favorite trips. Coordinator Dr. Carol McGinnis Kay, Professor of English Emerita, USC, has lined up exciting virtual visits to such diverse places as the Serengeti, volcanoes in Iceland, glaciers in Antarctica, and a tramp steamer around the world. Join us on these jaunts from the comfort of your armchair!

Holy Humor 
Some say laughter is the best medicine and that even God likes to laugh!  We'll listen to local clergy tell tales of human foibles they have encountered while being shepherds of their flocks. Some may make us smile gently and some laugh out loud. Amy Crook, Executive Director, coordinated the course, and Peggy Hill, Board member, will be our weekly guide. 

The History of Money
From sheep to shekels, from coins to crypto, from pennies to plastic: the way we pay for things has evolved. Money -- the love of it is the root of all evils, says a Bible verse. Money -- the only thing that differentiates humans from animals, says Gertrude Stein. Come and see this fascinating evolution with Bob Borom, retired Methodist minister and the Center's new President! (first 4 weeks)

Creative Writing Group
In a welcoming online environment, class members share their prose and verse, memoirs and fiction. Join the group to indulge your creativity, engage in a journey of self-discovery, or just enjoy listening as others share their efforts. The group leader, Dr. Miriam Johnson, Professor of Social Work Emerita, USC, provides writing prompts and optional homework assignments. Shepherd's Center members who wish to be included but are unable to join online may participate in the group through exchanges of documents and other offline contacts.
Zoom participants limited to 15.        

Trivial Pursuit
Enjoy an hour of fun and frolic while you and your team try to answer trivia questions from Bob Gants, retired Air Force, retired librarian, and great lover of puzzles and games. No one plays alone, and we will have lots of fun and laughter, and perhaps even learn some trivial information that was unfamiliar. No prizes, no finger pointing, no reason not to come and have a good time

The Story of Native America
Newly revised and expanded for Zoom, this course focuses on Native North America from first contact to the present.  It will address major controversies, historical perspectives, current research from various fields, plus present and future status of Native American relationships and how to explore the First Peoples on your own.

Class One:  The Colonial Period to 1492 to 1800.
Class Two:  Manifest Destiny 1800-1900
Class Three:  Science Takes Over the Controversy
Class Four:   The Reservation Period 1900 to the Present
Class Five:   Our Native American Heritage
Class Six:   Native Peoples of the Carolinas:  Prehistory to the Present
Class Seven:  Sacred Circles:  The Impact of Native Myths and Beliefs
Class Eight:  Visiting Native America:  Where to Go and What to See Across Native America 

Readers’ Circle 
Our book club would love to have you join the Circle. You will have a chance to read fiction and non-fiction, serious and light. We begin Winter with Matrix by Lauren Groff. Set in the twelfth century, this inspiring novel demonstrates the power women wield, regardless of the era. It explores issues of war, sisterhood, love, and sex. We next read in order: If Wine Could Talk by Kara Joseph, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson, and Issac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History by Eric Larson.  Discussions are always lively and you are welcome even if you haven't finished the book! Retired librarian Teresa Brown coordinates the course with varying discussion leaders from the Circle.

In the News 
John Spurrier, Professor of Statistics Emeritus, USC, returns to lead his popular discussions of current news stories appearing in major newspapers. Emphasis is placed on considering stories from different viewpoints. Links to the stories are e-mailed to all participants a few days before each class.



[NOTE: masks are requested for anyone not fully vaccinated.]

Art: Perfecting Your Skills in Watercolor
This workshop allows students to work on their own projects. They are encouraged to work in a series and keep a journal. Experienced artist Dee Hansen advises on techniques and materials.  Open to students of all levels from beginners to accomplished.
Class size limited to 11.

Bell Ensemble
Secular, classical, and sacred music will be performed at a level and speed determined by the players.  New players use marked music and experienced players use unmarked music. Taught by experienced music teacher Joan Marco.
Minimum class size 6; maximum 11.

Chair Yoga
Cindy Smith, certified Yogafit instructor, leads this gentle form of yoga practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. She teaches basic movements for total body stretching along with an emphasis on balance and core strength.
Class size limited to 50.

Creative Quilting
Class members will learn how to make an Attic Windows quilt, using a landscape panel and wood-look fabrics.  Work on donation quilts will continue as time permits. Class participants are responsible for bringing their own quilting supplies, sewing machine, and fabrics for their own projects. Intermediate quilting experience is required. Taught by quilting expert Judie Travis.
Class size limited to 14.

Dance to the Music
Practice favorite line dances with your friends to music compiled by Linda Mabry. Come for good exercise and good company. Beginners are welcome!
Class size limited to 20

Mah Jongg
Learn this fascinating game that developed near Shanghai in the mid- to late 1800s. You will have fun as you play along with Pam Morris. Beginners are welcome! 
Class size limited to 16. 

Ukulele Jam Session
Enjoy fellowship, laughter, and fun while playing favorites from “Daily Ukulele 365” in a jam session with Roz Davis and Bo Harris.
Class size limited to 14.

Games with Friends

Gather with your Center friends for an afternoon of grins, giggles, and games. You will be playing a variety of board games, card games, Mah Jongg, and Dominos, depending on the wishes of the group. Some games will be available, but bring any games you wish to share. Deb Gants, coordinator.

CREDITS: Courses planned by Adventures in Learning Committee,

chaired by Deb Gants.

​Brochure designed by Carol McGinnis Kay. Cover photograph by Bill Buck.

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Inclement weather policy.

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Winter Session 2022 Courses

February 1 - March 24

Getting Ready: Zoom is an online technology ideal for distance education. To get started, type the word Zoom into the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.  At the Zoom website, sign up for the free basic service and download the app as directed. If you have problems, contact the office and someone will help you.

  • ​The session lasts eight weeks.
  • Courses will be online, except for onsite activity courses on


  • Courses will be offered on T, W, and Th at 10:00 and 11:30, and Tuesday afternoon.
  • Classes will start at the time indicated and will last one hour. Start gathering at 15 minutes before class for social time with friends.
  • Some courses will last four weeks as indicated in their descriptions. Others last eight weeks. Be sure to note these dates before you register.
  • You may choose as many courses as you wish to take.
  • Classes being recorded for viewing by members of the Center are noted in the centerfold grid of courses.

​Process to Sign Up and Register for Winter:

Complete the membership form and pay online at our website: If you prefer to mail in your membership and payment, please print a paper membership form from our website. This form will include space to register for only the onsite courses and those with limited class sizes.

2.   After you sign up, the office will process your membership and will email you a single email with a list of all online courses with the links to register for each course you would like to take on Zoom. You then simply click the link for each course you wish to take and register directly with Zoom.