In Your Dreams

Dreams are resources available to you only when you’re asleep; they are sent to you by your unconscious. But you don’t go to sleep and have the dream. The dream puts you to sleep so it can have you. Dr. Vince Ward, psychotherapist, will help you decode your nighttime dreams in order to hear their message. Class size limited to 25.

Chair Yoga

Cindy Smith, certified YogaFit instructor, leads this gentle form of yoga practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. She teaches basic movements for total body stretching along with an emphasis on balance and core strength. Class size limited to 50.

Why 'Woo Woo' Works: Alternative Healing Therapies

Pamila Lorentz, MSW, RN, LMBT, a licensed professional Integrative Health Therapist with over thirty years of practice, introduces several alternative healing therapies that have gradually become part of mainstream medical practice. They gained prominence during the 'New Age' cultural phenomenon in the 1980's when skeptics referred to these practices as 'Woo Woo.' TV sit-coms, comedians, and newspaper comics elicited bountiful opportunities to laugh at practitioners and believers. Today most traditional healthcare institutions have integrated many of these techniques into the mainstream, calling them 'Mind/Body Medicine.' And research continues to document the benefits of such techniques as Meditation
or Distance Healing.
Class size limited to 10.

Art: Perfecting Your Skills in Watercolor 
This workshop allows students to work on their own projects. They are encouraged to work in a series and keep a journal. Experienced artist Dee Hansen advises on techniques and materials. Open to students of all levels from beginners to accomplished.
Class size limited to 11.

Bell Ensemble 
Secular, classical, and sacred music will be performed at a level and speed determined by the players. New players use marked music and experienced players use unmarked music. Taught by experienced music teacher Joan Marco.
Minimum class size 6; maximum 11.

Creative Quilting
Get out your unfinished quilting projects and join our fun! This session is a sit-and sew to work on completing any unfinished quilt projects you have already started. Any pattern, any size, any degree of completeness. We will learn from each other’s projects and strategize creative ways to get them finished. Work continues on donation quilts for local organizations. New quilters with basic sewing knowledge are welcome. Participants must bring their own sewing machine, fabrics, and quilting/sewing tools. Class is self-paced with guidance from award-winning quilter Judie Travis.
Class size limited to 17.

Dance to the Music
Practice favorite line dances with your friends facilitated by Diane Floyd and Doris Beard. Come for good exercise and good company. Beginners are welcome!
Class size limited to 25.

Mah Jongg
Learn this fascinating game that developed near Shanghai in the mid- to late-1800s. You will have fun as you play along with Pam Morris. Beginners are welcome!
Class size limited to 16.        

Ukulele Jam Session
Enjoy fellowship, laughter, and fun while playing favorites from “Daily Ukulele 365” in a jam session with Roz Davis.
Class size limited to 14.

Bridge for Fun
No formal instruction, just good friendly games of bridge with your fellow Shepherd’s Center members.
Class size limited to 12.

Games with Friends 
Gather with your Center friends for an afternoon of grins, giggles, and games. You will be playing a variety of board games, card games, mah jongg, and dominos depending on the wishes of the group. Games will be available, but bring any games you wish to share. Deb Gants, coordinator.
Class size limited to 16.



The Latest News in Science for the Non-Scientist
Dr. Frank Avignone, University of South Carolina, First Carolina Endowed Professor of Physics and Astronomy, deals with huge topics in language we can all understand. He will examine the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present. He explains scientific evidence pointing to the fact that our Universe is fine-tuned to allow the development of life. Minute changes in gravity, electric forces, radioactive decay, or the nuclear force would have resulted in a universe incapable of creating or supporting life. We'll conclude with a consideration of the philosophical implications. Hosted by Steve Walker.

When TV Was Black and White
Remember when you had one TV and it was black and white? Rediscover the shows you watched back then on a 15-inch screen. Adjust the vertical, horizontal, and contrast, align the rabbit ears, and relive the flickering images of yesteryear with history buff Bob Gants. Hosted by Deb Gants.

Strange Bedfellows: Four English Royal Marriages
Dr. Carol McGinnis Kay, Professor of English Emerita, USC, uses a close-up look at four royal marriages to give a broader picture of England as a nation.  We start in the 12th century with Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, who were involved with crusades, civil wars, and the murder of an archbishop--all while laying the foundations of English government and law. Hosted by Peggy Hill.

Being Human
Drawing on his thirty years of clinical work with families, Larry Brown spotlights marriage and family dynamics, personality profiles (including identification of one's own), and tips on how to recognize and navigate life transitions such as retirement, aging, and widowhood. This reprise of his popular initial course for us utilizes cinema, discussion, and written exercises to create an informative, entertaining, and hands-on experience. We're happy to offer this in response to many requests. Hosted by Teresa Brown.
[4-week course]

Gardening from the Ground Up
Master Gardeners of the Columbia area bring us timely tips about a variety of topics, such as garden design, dealing with garden pests, and knowing when and how to prune. Coordinated by Master Gardener Ivy Rice and hosted by Keitha Whitaker.

Continuing Spanish
Dr. David P. Hill, Professor of Spanish Emeritus, USC, guides us in conversation practice, cultural readings, and grammar review. Some prior study of Spanish is expected. Hosted by Peggy Hill.
Class limited to 12 devices. 

The Homicides of March: A Bloody Month for Carderock Springs
In March 1976 two multiple murders brought unwanted attention to an affluent DC suburban neighborhood in Bethesda, MD. On March 1 Bradford Bishop slaughtered his family in his home and fled, sparking an international manhunt. Later that month Bishop's neighbor Robert Angell shot and killed two policemen after robbing a local bank and, upon capture, confessed to yet another murder. Tom Brawner, retired teacher and attorney, will explore the details of the crimes, including the murderers and their victims, and the issues that caused media attention to the murders to resurface. Hosted by Diane Kuhn.

TED Talks

Anne Cox, well-known educator, life coach, interfaith leader, and community dialogue leader, returns to engage us in conversation about fascinating, often astounding, TED topics. We’ll watch and discuss a different “Talk” each week. Expect to recharge your thinking about human nature, the natural world and your place in it, and even the supernatural. Hosted by Keitha Whitaker. [4-week course]

Hearing Misunderstood Music with Fresh Ears
I hate opera.Organ music sounds like funeral music. Choral music is boring and church-y. I just don’t get jazz. Choral director Jim Boatwright has heard all these and more. His goal for this course is to see if he can change some minds about music we may have dismissed. We’ll explore the world of opera by listening to snippets and putting them into their dramatic context. Jim promises to blow your mind with the organ music session. Jazz and music theory will become less intimidating. And we can begin to hear rap and hip-hop as legitimate forms of expression. Join us for this exciting exploration of music! Hosted by Larry Brown.

Creative Writing Group
In a welcoming online environment, class members share their prose and verse, memoirs and fiction. Join the group to indulge your creativity, engage in a journey of self-discovery, or just enjoy listening as others share their efforts. Group leader Dr. Miriam Johnson, Professor of Social Work Emerita, USC, provides writing prompts and optional homework assignments. Shepherd's Center members unable to join online may participate in the group through exchanges of documents and other offline contacts. Hosted by Steve Walker.
Zoom participants limited to 15.

Trivial Pursuit
Enjoy an hour of fun and frolic as you and your team try to answer trivia questions from Bob Gants, retired Air Force, retired librarian, and great lover of puzzles and games. No one plays alone, and we will have lots of fun and laughter, and perhaps even learn some trivial information that was unfamiliar. No prizes, no finger pointing, no reason not to come and have a good time. Hosted by Deb Gants.


CREDITS: Courses planned by Adventures in Learning Committee,

chaired by Deb Gants.

​Brochure designed by Carol McGinnis Kay. Cover photograph by Steve Walker.

Spring Session 2022 Courses

April 19 - June 9

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Inclement weather policy

Whenever Lexington-Richland School District 5 makes any change to their schedule for inclement weather, the Center will be closed.  
Info will be on WIS-TV, our Facebook page, and our website: shepherdscenterofstandrews.org

Online classes will not be affected. 

While the Shepherd's Center of St. Andrews requires that all participants in onsite classes be fully vaccinated, the Center has no way of guaranteeing everyone's compliance. Members need to be aware of this non-guarantee and to make the best decisions for themselves about participating in onsite activities. Masking and maintaining physical distance are strongly encouraged onsite. (Adopted by the Board, March 28, 2022)

Watch the website and the Horn for any updates made to this policy as the Board monitors CDC guidelines.

Getting Ready: Zoom is an online technology ideal for distance education. To get started, type the word Zoom into the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.  At the Zoom website, sign up for the free basic service and download the app as directed. If you have problems, contact the office and someone will help you.

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  • Courses will be online and onsite.
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