South Carolina Rocks! The Geology of South Carolina    
Where did the land that is now South Carolina come from and how did it evolve
into mountains, rolling Piedmont, Sandhills and Sea Islands? This class will
explore the development of our state over more than a billion years of geologic
history focusing on topics that include plate tectonics theory, fossils, mineral
resources, earthquakes, and Carolina bays. We will also discuss interesting
geologic places to visit in South Carolina. Taught by Dr. Carolyn Murphy, retired
earth science teacher and author of Carolina Rocks!, used in public schools
throughout our state.​


Dennis Haga, an experienced bridge player, will teach beginning players how to
bid and play their hands. After the two-hour class, players are welcome to stay a third hour and return after lunch to play for fun.

Line Dancing

New and fun line dances are taught by Lynda Mixon and then practiced every
week. Come for good exercise and good company!

The Muppets: An American Cultural Institution 
Jim Henson’s Muppets have been with us for several generations. Our children grew up with Sesame Street, and, as adults, we enjoyed great performing artists of the 20th century on The Muppet Show. Retired Impresario Arnold Breman, through stories, photographs and videos, takes the class on a journey from the inception of this phenomenon through the Sesame Street years and pays tribute to the world-class stars who shared the stage with these cherished creations. Stars include: Ethel Merman, Beverly Sills, Victor Borge, Rudolph Nureyev, Vincent Price, Julie Andrews, and dozens of others. Join our weekend trip to visit the Muppets in Atlanta March 1-3. See information on the trips page. 

The World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories
Tom Campbell takes us on another exciting exploration. We will consider several conspiracy theories that are among the most argumentative ideas in our culture. From 9/11 theories to the sinking of the Lusitania mysteries—who really made these horrible events happen? We will examine several big ones and see what case is made for both ‘sides.’ Together we will wander into the maze. Where will we come out?  

Finding Your Roots: Genealogy Tips                                           

Make your family story come alive. Let experienced genealogist Linda Mabry show you how.  Explore types of records and where to find them. Learn about many free online resources and some subscription services. Discover how DNA can help build your family tree.  Find new tools to simplifyyour research and enjoy searching!      

The Readers’ Circle
Join the Center’s book club for stimulating discussions of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. In order, we will read Dimestore: A Writer’s Life by Lee Smith; The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro; My Grand-mother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, by Fredrik Backman; People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks; and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, translated by Hilda Rosner. Start reading now. Come to class whether you’ve finished the book or not; the discussions led by Circle members will spark your interest! Coordinator is Teresa Brown. 

Creative Quilting: Fantastic Finishing

Experienced quilter Judie Travis guides the class to complete projects started in previous sessions and resolve problems in independent projects. New tech-niques include Bargello quilting, English paper piecing, and a surprise mystery quilt project. Members must bring their own sewing machines, quilting/sewing tools, and have a basic knowledge of quilting. This is not a beginner class. Class size is limited to 10. Sign up on registration form.

Deb McMurphy, accomplished ukulele teacher and player, teaches three popular classes: 
1. Good Foundations (GCEA tuning only) is for beginners to learn basic chords in the key of C and simple strumming to accompany singing.
2. Good Vibrations is for advanced beginners and intermediate players. Focus is on playing chords to accompany singing, using scales to play simple melodies. Based on book Daily Ukulele 365 (yellow).

3. Strictly Newbies is for inexperienced beginners. Wait until class to buy your ukulele because Deb will show you several sizes and give you an instruction booklet. All three classes have limited enrollment. Sign up on registration form.  

Creative Writing Workshop  
In an informal setting, class members write prose and verse, memoirs and fiction. Workshop leader is Dr. Lisle Mitchell, Professor Emeritus of Geography, USC. Come try your hand, literally.

The Life and Theology of Paul Tillich                                                
Larry Brown, former parish minister, hospital chaplain, and addictions counselor, will teach about the life and thought of Paul Tillich. This controversial Lutheran minister, theologian, and philosopher transformed the American theological landscape in the second half of the twentieth century.  Driven from his homeland by the Nazis in 1932, Tillich immigrated to the USA, where he spent the next 33 years integrating a knowledge of the Bible, history, philosophy, and psychology into an acclaimed—and criticized--systematic theology. Learn about the man who radically and courageously proclaimed the relevance of God and faith in the modern world.

From Page to Stage: How the ‘Magic’ Works
​Have you ever wondered what has to take place to put a performance on a stage? Would you like to look beyond the words and the music? Let Ron Pearson, former director of several performing arts centers, including the Koger, show you how the “techies” read a script and enable it to come to life. Learn such fascinating details as the reason it took over a million dollars to fit the roof for the Phantom chandelier on Broadway!     

Chair Yoga                                                 
​Cindy Smith, certified Yogafit instructor, leads this gentle form of yoga practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. She will emphasize basic movements for total body stretching along with balance and core strength to deepen flexibility and improve personal body awareness.

The Beatles: Their Albums, Their Songs, Their Meanings, and Their Impact   
Dr. Randolph Love, Retired Professor of Music, Columbia College, returns to continue the musical saga of the Beatles. He will focus on how specific albums came about and what the Beatles said about them. There will be in-depth discussion of songs with close attention to the connection of lyrics with music. Come and be reminded of the reasons for the Beatles’ impact on our music and culture.

Continuing Spanish

Dr. David P. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, USC, guides us in conversation practice, cultural readings, and grammar review. Some prior study of Spanish is expected. A conversation hour for fun is offered after lunch.  

Art: Perfecting your Skills in Watercolor
This workshop allows students to work on their own projects, and they should bring their own supplies. Artist Dee Hansen advises on techniques.  Artists at all levels are welcome.

Bell Ensemble                                       
Secular, classical, and sacred music will be played at a level and speed determined by the players. New players play from marked music and experienced players from unmarked music. Class begins with all marked music. Taught by experienced music teacher Joan Marco.

Cancer, A History    
Dr. Charles Walvoord, retired ophthalmologist, returns with another thought-provoking medical course. He will outline the often surprising story of the greatest scourge affecting humankind in history. Study the heroes whose persistence, sacrifice, and dedication have brought enormous advances in cancer therapy, while investigating the personality of this elusive and unremitting enemy. This course will look at the current state of the attack on cancer, how we got to this point, and offer a glimpse of a cancer-free future. 

Photography and Your Creative Impulse                                                
A good photograph can conjure strong feelings. We will discuss how a camera can open us up to worlds of interest that await our notice, as well as refresh our knowledge of the creative and technical skills that help to make the magic happen. Join the conversation led by Steve Walker. 

World War II: Origins, History, and Consequences in Africa and Europe    
Dr. Jack Meyer, retired from the Air Force and from teaching military history at USC, begins with political events leading up to the beginning of the war, including the political blunders on all sides. He examines battles, strategies, propaganda, and technological developments during the war in North Africa, Europe, and the United States. The course concludes with the peace treaties and their consequences, including the Marshall Plan and the beginning of the Cold War. Learn about the war and its impact through the eyes of an experienced military expert.

Library Resources Computer Lab  
Mary Gwyn, Reference Coordinator, Irmo Branch Library, offers hands-on experience with using the library’s many free apps and databases. Learn Italian! Or how to make your family tree, download your favorite TV shows, find the best Medicare plan, and much more! Laptops are furnished.
Enrollment limited to 9. Sign up on registration form.  

Hooked on Crocheting    
Experienced crocheters work on current projects while beginners learn how to make a necklace suitable for gift giving. Participants should bring a 5 mm crochet hook. The class is taught by life-long crocheter Kitsie Miller, who finds it soothing and challenging. The room is available for crocheters for the rest of the morning and after lunch for even more practice and fun.

Classes are planned by the Adventures in Learning Committee,

chaired by Carol McGinnis Kay, who also designed the brochure.

Watercolor of winter farm on the cover by Mac Brown, Art class member.

Winter Classes

Every Tuesday, January 15 - March 12


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Whenever Lexington-Richland School District 5 makes any change to their schedule for inclement weather, the Center will be closed. Info will be on WIS-TV, our Facebook page, and website.