Spring Classes

Every Tuesday, April 2 - May 28

Whenever Lexington-Richland School District 5 makes any change to their schedule for inclement weather, the Center will be closed. Info will be on WIS-TV, our Facebook page, and website. 

Stories of Faith Diversity in South Carolina                                 
Listen to engaging and informal personal interviews with people from a variety of different religious traditions of Interfaith Partners of South Carolina, and learn something fun and interesting about the diversity within our state. You may be surprised—and heartened—by the variety. Each week, Dr. Adrian Bird, Chair of IPSC, will interview a member of a different tradition. Class members will have ample opportunity to ask questions.  ​

The History, Culture, and Science of Wine                               

Wine has been produced for thousands of years, and interesting stories about its importance in history abound. Various speakers, coordinated by Barbara Whittaker, Co-Chair of the local chapter of the American Wine Society, will give us a broad introduction to wine. Learn the various grapes used and major types of wine produced in over 70 countries around the world. Learn the science and art of growing grapes and transforming them into wine. Pick up wine vocabulary and tips on the science of tasting. An optional field trip with a lecture and wine tasting will be available one evening at a modest cost.

Immigration Then and Now

Knowledgeable leaders from our community speak on immigration regulations and policies, assimilation, and the role of churches and nonprofits. Speakers will include Dr. Caroline Nagel, immigration expert, USC Geography Department; Pete Pillow, retired journalist, on fake news re: immigration; and resettlement professionals from Lutheran Family Services on what’s happening right now in South Carolina. Members have often asked for this topic, so bring your questions! Coordinator, Ida McCaskill.

Remembering Why We Sing: African-American Sacred Music
Frankie Goodman, daughter, granddaughter, and wife of ministers, shares her knowledge of African-American sacred music. Taught the story from childhood on, Ms Goodman also knows the story from her academic training at the USC School of Music. The result of this dual background will be a unique opportunity to learn the origins and the heart of this musical history with its ability to uplift all of us. Learn about the ‘codes’ created by slaves who sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” to signal a meeting tonight in order to plan an escape. Perhaps more importantly, learn how all human beings can find comfort, healing, and strength in this powerful music. ​

Four Edinburgh Writers 
Popular teacher John Mackintosh will explore the lives and literary accomplishments of four writers intimately associated with Edinburgh, Scotland.  Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Arthur Conan Doyle were all born there; the poet Robert Burns spent a considerable amount of time in the area known as “Auld Toon” (Old Town).  Gain insight into the Scots dialect.  Special attention will be paid to Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, especially the Jeremy Brett portrayals of the great detective that were done in the 1980s.  The game’s afoot, don't miss it! 

Presidential Politics                                         

Dr. Ed Sharkey, Professor of Political Science, Columbia College, returns to help us process the events and their implications associated with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. Let a professional scholar help you navigate the murky waters. This is a non-partisan look that may help you retain a bit of distance and calm.   

Deb McMurphy, accomplished ukulele teacher and player, teaches three popular classes: 
1. Good Foundations (GCEA tuning only) is for beginners to learn basic chords in the key of C and simple strumming to accompany singing.
2. Good Vibrations is for advanced beginners and intermediate players. Focus is on playing chords to accompany singing, using scales to play simple melodies. Based on book Daily Ukulele 365 (yellow).

3. Strictly Newbies is for inexperienced beginners. Wait until class to buy your ukulele because Deb will show you several sizes and give you an instruction booklet. All three classes have limited enrollment. Sign up on registration form.  

Dennis Haga, an experienced bridge player, will teach beginning players how to bid and play their hands.  After the two-hour class, players are welcome to stay a third hour and return after lunch to play for fun.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Railroads!              
When was the last time you saw a caboose on the rear of a freight train?  Ever wonder why they disappeared—and reappeared behind Williams-Brice Stadium? Learn the cultural history of railroads in the United States from their beginning, much of which occurred in South Carolina, through their golden age in the early twentieth century, to their role in moving freight (and a few passengers) across the nation today. Taught by Dr. Rodger Stroup, retired public historian and currently superintendent of the Rockton, Rion & Western Railroad, the tourist railroad of the South Carolina Railroad Museum. We may even take a field trip! 

Mr. Sullivan’s Really Big Show
People said the Golden Age of television would kill vaudeville. But it wasn’t a fast kill. From 1948 to 1971 vaudeville lived on—cleverly disguised as a TV show, “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Ed Sullivan was a man who couldn’t sing, dance or spin a plate, yet he entertained fifty-million viewers each week. The most popular variety show of all time reflected Ed Sullivan’s eclectic tastes and enthusiasm for all things entertaining. Arnold Breman will present a fascinating and engaging history of this ‘really big show’ including photos and videos of some of the more than 10,000 performers showcased every Sunday night.

Line Dancing                                               
New and fun line dances are taught by Lynda Mixon and then practiced every week. Come for good exercise and good company!

 America’s Lesser-known Wars  
Let Dr. Jack Meyer, military historian, take you through some of the wars that receive little attention, but have lingering impact. We will begin with King Phillip’s War and other colonial wars against Native Americans and end with “America’s Forgotten War”: Korea. Conflicts include the war with the Barbary pirates, the Second Seminole War, Black Hawk’s War, Spanish-American War, and the Philippine Insurrection. Causes, turning points, and consequences will be included for each war.

Chair Yoga

Cindy Smith, certified Yogafit instructor, leads this gentle form of yoga practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. She will emphasize basic movements for total body stretching along with balance and core strength to deepen flexibility and improve personal body awareness. 

Continuing Spanish
Dr. David P. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, USC, guides us in conversation practice, cultural readings, and grammar review. Some prior study of Spanish is expected. A conversation hour for fun is also offered.

Art: Perfecting your Skills in Watercolor

This workshop allows students to work on their own projects, and they should bring their own supplies. Artist Dee Hansen advises on techniques. Artists at all levels are welcome. Art work by students in the Art Class are featured on the covers of the brochures this year. The Luna moth on the Spring cover is by Leslie Walker. 

Dig into Spring with Master Gardeners

Let Lexington County Master Gardeners give you tips for a glorious garden. They will cover everything from dirt and composting to the best plants to attract butterflies and birds. Learn why raised garden beds are so convenient and how indoor plants can offer health benefits. Find out why succulents are the perfect plants for our area. Learn about the varieties of hydrangeas that would work best in your garden. Coordinated by Linda Holowacz and Carolyn Rightsell, President, Lexington County Master Gardeners.

Plastic Scale Modeling: Back to the Future
Harken back to your teenaged years, Did you build plastic models—trains, planes, automobiles, figures, et al.? Would you like to ‘own’ that classic car of your dreams for a small fraction of the cost? Then join this hands-on class where you will build a model, with guidance and tips from the instructor, Michael Martucci. Students will need to buy a model of their choice between weeks 1 and 2. Estimate is $25 for model and cement.
Class size limited to 12. Sign up on registration form.

Keep Guessing: Trivial Pursuit in Many Forms   
Trivial Pursuit guru Bob Gants offers this “Just for Fun” class during which we will play Trivial Pursuit and have a chance to laugh a lot. Not to worry, we play as teams, so you can discuss your choices before answering.  Bob has a large variety of cards and editions, so come on in for the fun and challenge. Keep your brain and your funny bone active!

Creative Quilting: One-Block Wonders 
Experienced quilter Judie Travis will teach how to make the One-Block Wonder quilt. She will help members pick a design and fabric.  As a group, we will make charity quilts from a variety of patterns to donate to local organizations. Members must bring their own sewing machines, quilting/sewing tools, and have a basic knowledge of quilting.
Class size limited to 10. Sign up on registration form. 

Creative Writing Group       
In a welcoming, non-judgmental environment, class members share their original prose and verse, memoirs and fiction. Creativity and self-discovery are encouraged through supportive feedback and lively conversation. The group leader, Dr. Miriam Johnson, Professor Emerita, College of Social Work, USC, provides instructional handouts, writing prompts, and optional homework assignments.

Bell Ensemble    
Secular, classical, and sacred music will be performed at a level and speed determined by the players. New players use marked music and experienced players use unmarked music. Class begins with all marked music. Taught by experienced music teacher Joan Marco.

Classes are planned by the Adventures in Learning Committee,

chaired by Carol McGinnis Kay, who also designed the brochure.

Watercolor of Luna moth on the cover by Leslie Walker, Art class member.


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