America and the World in 2050                                  
Dr. Donald Fowler, political scientist and long-time professor at USC, is back by popular demand!  Never hesitating to tackle the big issues and always skilled in making connections, he will explore social, economic, cultural, political, and international changes already reshaping our world. He will offer insights into what other changes may be just  around the corner. Come join us and learn what might lie ahead.

An Outdoor Wonderland

Our state abounds in beautiful areas for outdoor activities from boating to walking.  Learn about five that may become your new favorites in South Carolina. Listen to experts from Department of Natural Resources, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, the Audubon Society, and other organizations as they explore the pleasures of waterways and wilderness areas, state parks, great birding opportunities, and historical walking tours. Coordinated by Carole Burke.

Chair Yoga
A gentle form of yoga, chair yoga is practiced sitting, or standing using a chair for support. This class will emphasize basic movements for total body stretching, improving balance and core strength that will deepen flexibility and increase personal body awareness. Each class finishes with deep breathing techniques and meditation. Taught by Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Yogafit instructor Cindi Smith.

Golden Age of Radio
Al McNeely, retired advertising executive, returns to continue his popular series on radio’s golden age, when most of us were kids. Remember gathering around the radio to tune in the latest episode of your favorite serial?  Or hiding the radio under the covers so your parents wouldn’t know you were staying up to listen? Al brings the programs alive again as we enjoy their recordings and learn behind-the-mike stories.

The Civil War Series
Popular teacher Pat McNeely, Professor of Journalism Emerita, USC, returns to share some of the latest results of her investigative journalism about leading figures during the Civil War.  We’ll learn about Abraham Lincoln’s South Carolina relatives; Henry Timrod, reluctant war correspondent and Poet Laureate; the night Sherman’s Troops burned the Ursuline Convent in Columbia; the assassination of President Lincoln; and the real end of the Civil War.

Music of the 50’s and 60’s
Richard Perrygo, disk jockey and retired government employee, explains the early history of Rock and Roll. We will listen to music clips and discuss what we hear. We will enjoy a variety of music-related games including trivia questions and a game using lyrics from music of the 50’s and 60’s. This should be a blast!     

Theology in Stone: English Cathedrals

Dr. Carol McGinnis Kay, Professor of English Emerita, USC, takes a new look at one of her favorite topics—English Cathedrals. This class offers new material about how the cathedrals were designed and built and what the colors and shapes were intended to teach the medieval worshiper. We will visit some familiar cathedrals, such as Canterbury and Salisbury, but with fresh eyes, and we will look at completely new sites, such as Escombe Village Saxon church. We will conclude with a look at two vastly different ways of reconstruction after bomb damage during WW II, at Coventry Cathedral and St. Bride’s Church in London. ​

Creative Writing Workshop 
An inspirational, dynamic, creative, fun-loving, and relaxing environment in which to write and read memories, short stories, poetry, or whatever you want to try. Search for gold in your thoughts. Dr. Lisle Mitchell, Professor of Geography Emeritus, USC, leads the workshop.

Bridge for Fun
No instruction, just friendly hands of bridge and lots of laughter. Come and bring a partner or join someone at the Center.  We usually have a couple of tables playing.


Classes planned by the Adventures in Learning Committee,
chaired by Linda Holowacz
Cover art by Mac Brown, member of the Art Class


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Every Tuesday June 6-July 11

      Closed July 4th