NOTICE: ****Once your form has been submitted, you will be prompted to make a payment online for the registration fee. If you are NOT prompted to do so, please check the above form to make sure all the boxes are filled in with the appropriate information. Your registration is NOT valid without payment.

Couples: Please register with two individual registrations, UNLESS you are going to take ALL of the same classes. ​

Be sure the Center always has your current email address and be sure to keep all email notices from the Center! 

Classes are limited to 50 devices. Select as many classes as you would like to take. If a class is full before your registration arrives, you will be notified and given the option to make an alternate selection. Shortly before the Fall Session begins, you will receive an email notification of your classes and the steps to take to be sure you are registered with Zoom for each individual class. Watch for those notifications and follow the prompts. Registering for each individual class will be ESSENTIAL. Contact the center office if you need any assistance at that point.