Notice: Major Changes with our Registration process.

Registration will look different for the Winter Session at Shepherd's Center of St. Andrews. Previously you have had to select on the website form the courses you would like to attend and would then receive separate emails from the Center office with links to register through Zoom for every online course you selected. 

This session things will be much simpler. 

You WILL NOT have to select courses during the sign-up process for the Shepherd's Center EXCEPT for the onsite courses and online courses with limited size. ONLY these courses will need to be selected on the sign-up form. 

Once your sign-up is complete and you have paid your membership fee the office will process the information and you will receive a SINGLE email giving you the links to register with Zoom for ALL the courses. Be on the lookout for this email around January 20.​ This is COMPLETELY NEW! You will then simply click the link for each course you want and register directly with Zoom for as many courses as you choose. Zoom will send a confirmation for each course.

For onsite courses no further action is needed. If classes are full, you will be contacted, otherwise, just show up at the Center for a warm welcome on February 1- much like a typical onsite class pre-covid.

Our goal is to make this process more streamlined and simple for our members. It is also to allow you more freedom in choosing your classes and being able to attend what you want at any point during the session. 

​To sign up, click the button below. This acknowledges you have read and understand the changes in our registration process.  β€‹β€‹

Perhaps you want to support the Center and you'd like to stay in touch, but are not interested in Zoom classes. Just click on the donate button and email with your current email address. We'll be grateful and we'll be sure you receive The Shepherd's Horn each week. 

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