Two-Step Process to Register for Fall:
1. Complete the registration form for the session and pay online. If you prefer to mail in your registration and payment, please print a paper registration form below and mail it in. Note: mail-in registrations will take longer to process.

2. The Center staff will notify you of the courses you are in and invite you to register with Zoom for each course. You will receive course confirmation by September 6. Please do not worry or email the office for class confirmation before this date as they will still be in the process of processing registrations. If you have any changes you'd like to make after submitting your registration, feel free to email the office with this information. Individual course registration is an essential step to complete your registration. Simply click on the links sent you to register with Zoom for each individual course.

Perhaps you want to support the Center and you'd like to stay in touch, but are not interested in Zoom classes. Just click on the donate button and email with your current email address. We'll be grateful and we'll be sure you receive The Shepherd's Horn each week. 


Because registrants sign up for specific courses, we ask that you register for Fall Session by August 30. This will give staff the time needed to process enrollments. Later registrations will be accepted as long as space is available.